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hotel family meal plan

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Have a Mini-Fridge and Microwave?

Fantastic! That’s all you need. Every meal and snack in the hotel family meal plan can be made with just these two hotel amenities. No need to splurge for a hotel room with a kitchenette. Standard hotel room size and fridge/freezer capacities have carefully been taken into consideration to lessen the stress of feeding your family on the go. 

Food Delivery Scheduled in Less than 3 … minutes & steps!

The hotel family meal plan connects directly to done-for-you shopping lists inside Walmart+. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – download the meal plan, click the link, add all items to cart. Done & done! 

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Minimal time, ingredients, space, leftovers…

The hotel family meal plan was created by a hotel-hopping homeschooling mom of four and former hotel director of sales & catering who understands what it means to travel and eat as an on-the-go family. Things need to be quick and easy – and that’s exactly what you’ll find inside this meal plan. 

“How has no one thought of this yet?! This meal plan is GENIUS!”

Healthy, kid-friendly ingredients

that can be easily modified to please the pickiest palates. 

Created by a Mom

who just wants meals on the go to be affordable and easy (a.k.a. not a world-renowned chef with all the ingredients, fancy tools and time in the world.) 

No-Fluff Recipes

that get straight to the point. Slice this, mix that, heat and serve. On-the-go families don’t have time (or patience) to read through a long, fancy blog; we just need the basics of how to make the damn thing so we can feed our hangry family after a long day of activities.

Packing Lists & Modifications

so you know just what essentials from around the house to pack. Plus, get easy-to-follow picnic modifications so you can effortlessly enjoy meals outside of your hotel room, too. 

Did you know, that despite what you might hear, booking a hotel room with a kitchen/ette does not always save you money. In fact, those rooms often have a higher average nightly rate because of their kitchen amenities. They sure are convenient though, aren't they? Full-size fridge, stove ... but what if you could book a room at any hotel and it still be just as convenient to make meals for your family? Well, great news! This hotel family meal plan was created to fill that very need!

(it’s okay to celebrate. We feel the joy deep within our bones, too.)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have more questions after reading through these, you are welcome to email us – we’d love to hear from you!  

What can I expect?

Once you purchase your meal plan, you’ll get an email with instructions and the link to view the meal plan. Your instructions will show how you can make a copy of the meal plan for yourself if you’d like to modify any ingredients, or you can quickly click the shopping list and add all items to cart (if you’ll remember from above, this entire process can be as quick as three minutes!)

Our recommendation is that while you technically can make adjustments, unless you have strict allergies to be mindful of, we would advise against it. The purpose of this plan is to be as quick and easy as possible. Don’t try to overcomplicate or overthink this. It really is that easy! 

Ready to get the meal plan? Great! Let’s do this!

Do I need to purchase/pack anything extra?

Great news! All meals and snacks listed in this meal plan can be made using just a microwave and fridge. In other words, no need to lug around your crock pot or panini press. However, there are a few staples you’ll likely want to pack from home like salt & pepper, a can opener, and a few others. But not to worry! We’ve put together a super easy packing list for you inside the meal plan with items that are found around the house and are easy to pack. 

Already on the road? That’s totally ok! There are work arounds – like opting for a pop-top can (Great Value brand) if you don’t have a can opener packed, adding salt and pepper to your shopping list, etc. Again, we give you all these details inside the meal plan. 

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A weeks worth of meals in a mini-fridge? Really?

Yes, but … 😉 

 You’re right to be a bit skeptical here. A full weeks worth of meals would not fit in a mini-fridge (trust us, we’ve tried). That’s one reason why this meal plan is split into two, three-day batches and clearly laid out for you inside the meal plan. 

Three meal batches also allows you use this meal plan on three-day weekend getaways as well as your week-long vacations! 

And yes, 3 + 3 does equal 6, which is one day less than a full 7 day week (look at us mathin’!). However, this meal was made for traveling families and we know that 7th day is typically a travel day (which, you should have just enough leftovers to enjoy a meal and some snacks on the way home). 

Ready to get the meal plan? Great! Let’s do this

Can I use this meal plan when not on the go?

Yes, absolutely! We sure do! Between busy sport seasons, homeschooling, growing our small family business, we must admit – this meal plan was created as much for ourselves as it was for you. That’s how you can know this is going to work for your family.

We have tested these meals every which way, modifying and perfecting as we go to make them easier, faster, yummier, and healthier. And the meals are not only parent-tested (tasted?) they are also kid-tasted and approved as well. 

With four kids, you can be sure we have a wide array of eaters in the family – and these meals satisfy us all! This is how we are so confident in our knowing that they will be a great fit for your family, too. 

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What type of foods can I expect to find in this meal plan?

We have tried to make this meal plan as healthy as possible while also being mindful of picky palates, storage capacities, small spaces, and ease + speed of meals. The meals are vegetarian to allow for more people to enjoy the meal plan and because meat is harder to store and properly prepare with just a fridge and microwave. However, we do include optional meat modifications for several of the recipes. You can expect foods like fresh fruits and veggies, canned beans, crackers, cheeses, and more. In other words, what foods can you expect? Yummy, energizing, and colorful! 

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I have little kids. What meal size is right for us?

As parents, we know our kids best. Take our family for example. We have one kid that has been eating like an adult since age three and another that eats like our three year old at age six. Based on their eating habits – and ours – even though there are six in our family, we’d select a meal plan for five (portion sizes are listed for average adult size). However, if you know you have an adult that eats double portions, you’ll want to increase your serving/meal plan size accordingly.

If you feel like you’ve ordered the wrong meal plan size after looking through the menus, please don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll send you the serving size that’s a better fit for your family (based on availability). 

Ready to get the meal plan? Great! Let’s do this!

I purchased the meal plan but haven't received an email.

We’re thrilled you’ve purchased the meal plan! Our first tip is to check promotional folders as our email likes to hide in there. And on rare occassions she can be found in spam. If you’ve checked all email folders, please do not hesitate to email us at Please use subject line MISSING so it’s flagged in our inbox and we can get this taken care of for you swiftly as possible! 

On-the-Go Meals Made (super) Easy

1-Week Meal Plan

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This meal plan is designed for four people. As they are adult portions, you may find it works well for a family of 3, 4, 5, or 6 depending on the ages and eating habits of kids and adults in your traveling party (see FAQs for more info). If your family size/needs differ, modifications are easy and convenient to make. We are also in the process of modifying this meal plan and shopping lists so they are a fast fit for family sizes of 2 to 6. You can also opt for a completely custom meal plan!

Monthly Subscription

You know what’s better than one meal plan? A new meal plan delivered every month with a pre-built shopping list and right amount of ingredients for your family size. It’s not quite ready (but we’re getting so, so close!) If you’re interested in being notified once enrollment opens, make sure to indicate this on the checkout page so we can add you to the list and send over some pretty stellar early-bird specials! 

Feed Your Family For…

Less than $10/person/day

Dining out for nearly every meal can easily cost more than 4X this amount! Not to mention the time spent picking a restaurant, driving, and waiting for your meal. In less than half that time you could make and enjoy a healthy, energizing, delicious meal!  

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Want a custom meal plan… 

curated with your unique food preferences and travel style in mind?