Save 60% on Hotels

with this trick for shopping 'unpublished' rates

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How to Hack Pricelines Express Deals

Unpublished rates are those you can’t find simply by searching online. If you were to search “Chicago Hotels”, the rates that pull up either on the search page, the hotels website, or on online travel agency websites are all considered “published” rates. In this video you’ll learn how to save up to 60% off UNpublished hotel rates through Pricelines Express Deals. Plus, you’ll discover an easy trick for uncovering the “mystery hotel” before you book! 

Don’t Limit Yourself

Despite what you may have heard, staying in a hotel with a kitchen will not save you money. It can be more convenient, but not necessarily less expensive. Simply stated, this is because a hotel with a kitchen often carries a higher nightly rate which eats into most, if not all, of your “savings”. It also limits where you can stay as only about 26% of hotels offer kitchens. If you really want to save money, have more freedom on where you stay and have the same convenience as a hotel with a kitchen, choose a room with a mini-fridge & microwave and download our hotel family meal plan to make on-the-go mealtime more affordable and convenient!