Choose Our Adventure: WORKSHOP

In this FREE + LIVE workshop, Colleen will walk you through how to plan a one-of-a-kind C.O.A. experience for your family; or what we lovingly refer to as a “destination-less journey”. Use it to plan a fun, quick getaway or a grander experience such as an unforgettable Spring Break.

Mapping Out Destinations

Learn the tools, resources and process used to easily map out your destination options.

Resources + Apps

Discover how easy it is to travel effortlessly and enjoyably without a destination.

Hotel Meal Planning

Learn tips, tricks and questions to ask when planning and budgeting for food on the go.

Maximizing Savings

From free activities to 60% off hotel rooms, save time and money without sacrificing the experience.

L.E.A.R.N On the Go

This checklist will help you easily decide what to do. (Hint: You don’t have to do everything.)

Real-Time Voting

Like the idea of friends and family being a part of the journey? Learn how to involve them, best times to post polls, and more!


The next free workshop is taking place August 23rd at 3:00 PM EST. While attending the workshop live will give you the best experience and allow for you to ask all your questions in real time, we understand it may not work for your schedule. As long as you have registered for the event we will email the recording out afterwards so you can watch at a time that’s most convenient to you. 


What Is A Destination-less Journey?

The very short and sweet of it is: it’s a trip where you don’t know where you’re going until you’re on your way. We know it can sound terrifying, but we promise, it is the most fun you will ever have on a family adventure. Your whole family – parents and kids – will love this exciting style of traveling. And we’ll show you why – and how – in this free workshop! [Register Now

How much is the Workshop?

It’s totally free!! [Register Now]

Will this “free workshop” end in a sales pitch to a high-ticket offer that I have to buy in order to make any of this work for me? I hate those. 

Us too! (Look at that, we already have things in common.) Honestly, we’ve done the “free workshop turned high ticket offer” in the past because that’s what ‘they’ say to do in the business world, right? But over the years we’ve learned that it’s just not our jam. Our promise to you in joining this free workshop is this: you will be able to plan your entire C.O.A. Trip on your own without paying us a thing. [Register Now]

Isn’t this just like planing a normal vacation?

Not quite. Some of the same techniques and principals do still apply, but there is a whole other layer that is added when going the mystery/surprise/destination-less route. We have an entire list of tools, resources, tips, hacks, tricks – all the things – to help make this planning process as simple as possible so you can just hit the road and let the adventure unfold! [Register Now]

Why you?

If we haven’t yet met, I’m Colleen Carswell. I have spent 15+ years in the tourism and hospitality industry and am a former hotel director of sales turned hotel-hopping homeschooling mom of four. I also now consult with hotels to help them better serve families.  From industry insider insights to practical family travel hacks to try and traps to avoid, I share it all in this workshop. Plus, at the end of the live workshop, I open it up for Q&A in case there’s something I didn’t cover you’re especially curious about or you’d like further clarification or explanation on something I shared. [Register Now]

Can you just plan our families COA journey for me?

Sure can and would love to! [Learn More

Let Us Do All the Planning

DIY not really your thing but still want to experience all the fun a destination-less journey has to offer? We’d be thrilled to create a custom C.O.A. trip for your family! Email us at with subject “Plan my COA Trip” or go ahead and book your free 15-minute discovery call below. If availability doesn’t align – or if our calendar is fully booked – email us and we would be happy to work in a complimentary after-hours call.