Carswell Consulting

Welcome! My name is Colleen Carswell, and I specialize in assisting hotel leaders in optimizing their systems and teams so they can maximize profitability and productivity.

My goal is to help you exceed guest expectations and create a loyal following of multi-generational brand fans.

With a career that began in 2007 on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, I have gained invaluable experience in various roles within the hospitality industry. From luxury resorts and city hotels to conference centers and private country clubs, I have honed my expertise in sales, operations, events and more.

I invite you to take a moment to explore the information below, and look forward to connecting with you soon!

As Seen In: 

Helping hotels increase revenue through enhanced amenities, experiences and service.

Family Travel Expert

Combining extensive industry knowledge along with her unique experiences as a hotel-hopping homeschooling mom of four, Colleen helps hotels better serve families. See why this USP is so important:


Hotel Solutions Strategist

As a Hotel Solutions Strategist, Colleen consults with hospitality executives, owners and department leaders to assist them in training their teams on exceeding guest expectations. 


Destination: Weddings

With a wealth of experience in the wedding industry, specifically within hotels, Colleen assists hotels in enhancing their wedding offerings and providing couples with exceptional, personalized experiences. 

Creating Multi-Generational Brand Fans

Colleen’s motto is this: if you can win over the kids while simultaneously making parenting on-the-go easier, you will have a brand-loyal customer for life. Parents aren’t just parents. They are people with incredible reach as business owners, CEOs, and community leaders. Going above and beyond to intentionally impress them in their personal life is strategic and smart business.

From the way hotel staff interacts directly with kids to the enhanced family-friendly amenities and customer service provided, Colleen consults with corporate and boutique hotels and management companies to show them step-by-step how to differentiate and increase revenue.

If you’d like to learn more, email Colleen directly or click the below button to book your complimentary discovery call.


Colleen has the ability to dive-deep, grasping the ‘actual’ issues and develop solutions. Her warm and ingratiating personality makes her ‘one of the team’.

​​Colleen exhibits one of the highest qualities of organization and productivity that I have seen in my 20+ years in the industry. She has a solution based mentality and approaches staff with positive energy and clear communication.

​​Colleen is a dedicated and driving force who ensured our members and guests received the best possible service to make their experience at the club a memorable one.

 Helping You Achieve Success

Looking to elevate guest experiences + equip, empower and engage your team?

Optimizing team on-boarding processes

Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Identifying and maximizing revenue opportunities

Reviewing sales and marketing optics

Initiating ongoing training and development programs

Conducting company culture assessments

And more!

Optimize Your Teams

Throughout her career, Colleen has lead, mentored and developed entire event, sales, catering, and banquet teams – both remotely and on-site, from novice beginners to industry pros – so they may be fully equipped to deliver exceptional event experiences.

Colleen strategically focuses on the skills, systems and structure needed to execute and elevate guest experiences as well as how to increase the lifetime value of each client through sales, marketing and service initiatives. 

Her true brilliance shines through her love and appreciation of all people, in all roles.

Just as the smallest of event details must come together effortlessly to form the larger whole, Colleen makes every member of a team feel worthy, valued and important. Colleen’s innate ability to embrace and encourage a persons unique perspective, motivations and talents allows her to strategically develop both the individual and the collective so they may thrive as a team.

Smoky Blue Events

At Smoky Blue Events,  Colleen and her team are committed to supporting small wedding businesses and couples alike. They understand the challenges faced by both parties and strive to provide creative solutions that benefit everyone involved. The innovative offering, DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy, serves as a prime example of Colleen’s commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing the wedding experience.

DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy offers numerous benefits to hotels that sell weddings, including:

  • Less time spent by management fielding questions prior to the wedding day
  • More time available for revenue generating activities
  • A unique value-add for couples
  • A new revenue stream opportunity
  • An elevated experience for engaged couples
  • A professionally completed production schedule by the couple to help venue management efficiently prepare BEOs, communicate with vendors, and execute an exceptional event

From optimized websites and comprehensive standard operating procedures to expert venue sales management, explore how Smoky Blue Events can optimize your wedding business, drive higher profitability, and enhance guest satisfaction: